Free shipping for $50 or more orders
Free shipping for $50 or more orders


Foxy Flower is a Hemp Derived CBD Products company based in Denver, CO.

It was started with the vision of making a difference in people’s lives with the following:

  • Provide quality and effective products to the market using the best local organic sources in Colorado. See 9 reasons why you should choose Foxy Flower page
  • Give back to the community that supports us by creating a program that does just that. See giving back page on website
  • Replace plastic one bottle/bag at a time. This is still a long way away, but we all must do our part and we must start now.

It is important to note that there is a difference between Hemp-Derived CBD and THC. Hemp and its derivatives are federally legal (refer to Farm Bill 2018 while THC is not. Foxy Flower produces only what is federally legal, hemp-derived CBD products. All the Certificates of Analysis (COA) are provided on our website. It is our hope at Foxy Flower that the small things we can do, starting in our backyard, contribute to the larger vision of healing this world.

Live Foxy…..