Free shipping for $50 or more orders
Free shipping for $50 or more orders

CBD Products and Supplies For Doctors

Many physicians have put their trust in The Foxy Flower because we have spent 5+ years refining our products to produce the highest quality on the market. Founded by DJ Petz, a cannabis grower & entrepreneur of 10+ years and Kate Povondra, wellness professional of 14 years, have created a reliable, highly trusted CBD Company.
Their care and commitment to making products that work is the reason why licensed Physicians work with us.
The Foxy Flower offers several programs that will suit the needs of your practice. You may be looking to carry a trusted brand, find a company that you can confidently put your brand on, or simply refer you patients to a high-quality company. No matter what you are looking for, we have what works best for Doctors- regardless of your specialty.

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Trusted by Physicians Nationwide
Doctor Affiliate Program

Join The Foxy Flower Doctors Program

You may simply want to recommend a brand you have researched and have samples on hand for your clients.
Refer a brand you trust with ease to your patients without having to keep inventory in your office. Simple, easy to use & manage, this is the easiest way to share our effective products.

  • At cost samples to give out
  • Generous discounts for all of your patients
  • Automatic tracking of all referrals
  • 25% on lifetime of orders referral fee
  • Option to offer low income patients lowest cost
  • Support sustainable farming practices & rural farmers with every sale
  • Comprehensive training for what makes our extraction and products work

Doctor Wholesale Program

Carry our products on hand so that you can directly sell your patients products the same day.

  • Have full sized products ready to go for when your clients need it
  • Low MOQ of $250
  • Trusted & Recognizable CBD brand
  • Potent Spagyric Extraction, Isolate & Broad Spectrum Choices
  • Sales certification program & monthly live Q&A webinars for you, your staff & employees
  • Single source, pesticide free CBD & natural secondary ingredients
  • Effective, potent products that provide your patients the relief they are looking for
  • Lab testing every batch
Doctor White Label Program

Doctor White Label Program

You may want to have your own personal brand that includes the The Foxy Flower proprietary recipes and products. We can fully design your labels, create your Shopify website and fulfil your orders as they come in as well as fully stock you in your own CBD brand.

  • 5% lidocaine CBD muscle rub, our by far best selling product for doctors
  • Have your name on your own CBD brand in about 2 weeks
  • Low MOQ of $2,500 and 50 units per sku
  • Accumulative tiered discount pricing
  • Wide selection of products to suit your business needs
  • THC Free Distillate, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD extracts available
  • Use our 3rd Party Lab test on your website
  • Made with single sourced organically grown hemp
  • Use the Happy Buddha Story of the “Napa Valley of Hemp” in your marketing
  • Graphic designer on staff to help you create your CBD brand
  • Access to Happy Buddha hemps industry experience
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Easy Ordering Process

Join The Foxy Flower Doctors Program

When you join, you have immediate access to our wholesale, white label pricing and your dedicated rep will reach out to you in 1-2 business days. If you have any questions before then, please call us at 970-725-6888.

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