Free shipping for $50 or more orders
Free shipping for $50 or more orders

CBD Oil Affiliate Program

Whether you are a business, social influencer, a web guru, or someone who wants to share The Foxy Flower brand with friends and family, our Affiliate program is designed to make it easy.
When you become an affiliate, you will receive a dedicated landing page where your referrals can easily shop. When someone orders, you are able to track your sales progress on your back end affiliate portal. We offer you generous commissions at 25% of all of your sales.
We have developed this program in response to all our long time customers who refer people to us and businesses who just want to be able to refer their customers to a reliable, effective, high-quality CBD company. Our Full Spectrum Spagyric CBD products are something people love hearing about and sharing, our organically grown certified farms help assure people that they are getting the best hemp quality possible.
We help you succeed by investing in online marketing efforts for people who visit your affiliate page, create social media post that you care edit & share with your friends, family & followers, we also provide you with business cards, to make referrals easy & offer great seasonal discounts to help you maximize your efforts.

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Full Spectrum Spagyric CBD Oil Affiliate Program

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate Program Work

Sign Up & Complete Certification

Easily sign up with the form at the bottom of this page to get your free affiliate account. Complete the Affiliate training program so you can learn what makes Spagyric different & you can sell with ease.

Affiliate Program Work

Promoting The Foxy Flower

Whether you want business cards with discount codes on them to pass out, hyperlinks for your websites or social media posts and text messaging codes, you can share the hemp love your way.

Affiliate Program Work

See Real Time Tracking

Watch the list of people you have helped find quality CBD grow. With meticulous tracking software you can count on your commissions and the savings for your friends and family to grow every month.

Why Affiliate With The Foxy Flower?

  • Nearing a 24 billion dollar industry by 2023, our affiliate program is for you to share in this industry with us by giving people products that actually work
  • Free to sign up
  • We offer you comprehensive training so you can sell The Foxy Flower with ease
  • Easiest way to spread the love of Happy Buddha Products
  • Easily see your back end portals’ wallet grow bigger with each person that orders from you.
  • Help your friends and family find a reliable, high quality, trustworthy CBD company in a sea of sub-par CBD companies
  • Support sustainable farming practices & rural farmers with every sale
  • 25% commission on all orders through your page
  • We use 60 day cookies for each person that visits your store to help increase your sales

Ready to Join Our Affiliate Program?

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